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Inspired by Nature – Realized by Science
Dr. Fred Zülli

Mibelle Biochemistry can reflect on an impressive journey of winning a variety of prestigious industry awards. Some of the more recent awards include the in-cosmetics Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Bronze award for Alpine Rose Active or a BSB Award for IceAwake™ in the category most Innovative Raw Material. Another highlight for Mibelle Biochemistry came in 2020 when it received the Frost & Sullivan Award for Global Personal Care Active Ingredients Company of the Year. 

Swiss Technology

This Malaysia - Swiss Technology is formulated with innovative ingredients, Dracobelle Nu’s efficacy.


- Dracobelle is Maldovian Dragonhead Extract

- The effects of Dracobelle Nu on skin appearance parameters were evaluated on a test panel that comprised 32 female volunteers with sun-damaged skin.


- DracoBelle Nu was taken on a daily basis in the prefered drink of the volunteers over a period of 8 weeks.


- Skin test parameters were analyzed at both the beginning and the end of the study


Skin moisture increased by 14%, 

Skin Elasticity increased by 6.7%

Skin Density increased by 2.5%


Key Ingredients

The Key Ingredients


1. Mixed Berry Extract

- Strawberry

- Blueberry

- Blackcurrant

- Bearberry


2. Dracobelle (Moldavian Dragonhead Extract)


3. Hithion (Yeast Extract)


4. Strawberry Extract & Blueberry Juice Powder


5. Vitamin Premix

- Vitamin A, E, K

- Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B12

- Vitamin D3

- Folic Acid


Mineral Premix

- Calcium

- Magnesium

- Iron

- Zinc

- Potassium

- Sodium

- Copper

- Molybdenum

- Chromium

- Iodine

- Selenium


1. The perfect natural ingredient for beauty-from-within & anti-aging formula for nutraceuticals, food supplements & functional foods.


2. Boosting collagen production via anti-aging pathways in cells


3. Improvement of skin elasticity, moisture & density


4. Focus of the formula:
- Beauty from within
- Anti-aging and rejuvenation
- Collagen repair
- Skin regeneration
- Skin Hydration