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Terms & Conditions

“Duit Extraaa” HAUS

  1. Purchase through the HAUS Guardian or any HAUS’s official platforms.
  2. On every purchase of HAUS products, you will be entitled to reward points as per followed:
    1. Purchase at RM100 → 10 reward points value as RM5 “DUIT EXTRAAA”
    2. Purchase at RM1000 → 100 reward points value as RM50 “DUIT EXTRAAA”
  3. With an accumulated reward points, you may redeem the points as “DUIT EXTRAAA” credit for the next purchase through .
  4. Check the balance of accumulated points at > Log in account > Dashboard
  5. Please note that the value exchange of reward points into “DUIT EXTRAAA” credit is as follow:
    RM10 purchase = 1 reward points = 5 cents “DUIT EXTRAAA” credit
  6. You may redeem the reward points into “DUIT EXTRAAA” credit without any minimum purchase. Let’s put on an example:
    • Purchase value = RM150
    • Balance reward points = 1000 equal to RM50 “DUIT EXTRAAA” credit value
    • Total payment = RM100 ony. (RM150 - RM50 “DUIT EXTRAAA”)
  7. Redemption of rewards points into “DUIT EXTRAAA” credit is only subjected to the purchase of the products. NOT INCLUDED delivery and FPX charge.
  8. HAUS accumulated reward points are only valid to use within the same year. accumulative rewards points will be expired at the end of each year and will not be forwarded to the next year. 
  9. The collected reward points cannot be transferred into another account, or be exchanged into another reward, or being returned, or being replaced with cash credit in any condition.